How to become rich and how YOU can make money online and from what?

Hello Future Business Owner,

If you don’t know me by now I’m Jeff Ball, owner of this website, I want to answer that question for you above. Its quite simple really, I want to introduce you to a Money Making Business that I find so powerful and the training you receive is, well, unheard of in the on line marketing world today. The Business is a step by step structured training website that starts from the very Basics of setting up your very own Website. This WEBSITE your on now is an example of the kind of professional Website you can create for yourself. I created this site from scratch and enjoy every second I put into it.

The name of the Business that I belong too and has guided me to building this WEBSITE is called the WEALTHY AFFILIATE. This is where you will learn for FREE I might add to design and create your MONEY MAKING website also. Its FREE to start your journey and learn from the school just how to get started building your very own WEBSITE and BUSINESS.

Later on if you decide you just love it, you can UPGRADE to a PREMIUM member for a small monthly cost.  I don’t want to hold back and miss lead anyone just to get someone to join the training website. I am promoting WEALTHY AFFILIATE because I have been a Part of the Business for some time now  and I wouldn’t trade it for anything! I have learned more from these COURSES I follow which has me do steps that enhance my website as I go along. Your not pressured to do anything only at your own pace. The courses are broken down into different steps necessary to build your WEBSITE correctly.

Work your JOB for awhile, then when the income from the WEBSITE starts to surpass the income your making from your job, then you can go FULL TIME. There are thousands of MEMBERS in Wealthy Affiliate, and your never alone. Questions? The members can answer them or you can private message certain people for help. I love the speed at which my questions are answered. I have been in communication with the two top guys that started WEALTHY AFFILIATE 16 years ago for some of my questions. Kyle and Carson are there names. They both answered my questions the next day.  WEALTHY AFFILIATE is not going anywhere I assure you. There are members that started back when the Business was created and they are writing there own training courses you can read now. So many topics are covered so your website is OPTIMIZED for the best results in the SEARCH ENGINES. There are WEBINARS to watch all recorded so you’ll never miss out. Watch them when you can. The training videos are live broadcasts every FRIDAY at 5pm. There is a  question and answer  time at the end of the hour. I could go on and on about this program but I will let you be the judge..

Go to my HOME PAGE here in the WEALTHY AFFILIATE website  and READ MY BIO.. Explore the page.


If you don’t know anything about AFFILIATE MARKETING its OK. You will learn FAST just what it means to MAKE MONEY online. Affiliate marketing is selling PRODUCTS and SERVICES whether it be Books, Dvd’s, Self Help Courses, Selling thousands of products for companies like Amazon and other large Companies that are similar and work closely with with these companies as an Affiliate. Once you sign up with the company,  you simply place links and Banners on your Website POSTS and PAGES which sends people to their product pages on their WEBSITE . Once there, if the person clicks on the product to purchase it, you get credit for the sale. A percentage of the sale goes to you! This could mean thousands of dollars to you in time.  A special link is used by you on your website, so when the person wants to see more, they are redirected to the product page on the COMPANIES WEBSITE. YOUR SPECIAL LINK lets the company know they came from your website and you get credit for the sale!! Easy MONEY!!

Its quite simple really. You drive traffic to your WEBSITE and the WEBSITE works for you 24/7 while your awake, asleep always making you money. Don’t get me wrong, there is WORK involved to make your WEBSITE the best it can be.  Nothing in life comes easy but when your building your very own WEBSITE, which is YOUR BUSINESS, theirs no better feeling then the PRIDE you have when you see your WEBSITE on the INTERNET.  I love looking at my WEBSITE. I love making small changes here and there to make it better. PLUS, with WEALTHY AFFILIATES you can make many many WEBSITES that can make you money. Many NICHE ideas out there to create a WEBSITE around. You are asking yourself, how to become rich, I’m telling you how. Follow your DREAMS and become a BUSINESS OWNER! I did and I love it!

How can I make money online and from what,

Do you have a favorite HOBBY? There’s a WEBSITE. Money can be made on the internet in many ways. There are many NICHE categories that each one of us has a knowledge of. Do you have a passion for something? That is a NICHE! Its the area you know already that you can be an Authority on. Take all that knowledge and create a WEBSITE around it. Then WEALTHY AFFILIATE will teach you step by step how to make money from your NICHE. That is what the Business is here to do, just that, TEACH YOU! Trust me you will learn a LOT! I have and it will continue for years to come!

If your interested to learn more, please take a look at the HOME PAGE from my WEALTHY AFFILIATE website. Notice the buttons on the left side that take you to different TRAINING areas within the website.

*IMPORTANT* Please BACK CLICK from the website  browser when your ready to come back to this site for more information. Click this BUTTON to go to my WEALTHY AFFILIATE HOME PAGE and see for yourself.. Don’t forget to come back!

IF YOU WISH TO JOIN –  the WEALTHY AFFILIATE PROGRAM and start your own Profitable BUSINESS today

Here is a Screen Shot from my Page to JOIN WEALTHY AFFILIATE,

Only JOIN the Business if your positive you want to get all the benefits WEALTHY AFFILIATES has to offer you. Great Training,  Thousands of Website Templates to choose from for your WEBSITE,  All the thousands of Members eager to help you along the way, (I never found that before in any program I was in from my past), The Training VIDEOS, The Live Training WEBINARS, The Classroom training, The SEO training, Emails arriving daily to you telling you who has joined your following, Emails telling you daily what new training has been added, so many perks I cant mention them all.


Here is a picture of the sign up page               

I am going to give you the link to this PAGE if you want to have your own BUSINESS and get started for FREE.. No obligation to UPGRADE until your sure this is for you.. Never hurts to take a TEST DRIVE..




Thank you for reading my POST on learning to Stop Fearing living from paycheck to paycheck and being BROKE!

Its up to you to change your life for the better!

I hope I have helped you to  discover a better life for yourself and your family!    Its all up to you!

See you in a BETTER PLACE!!

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Thank you,

Your friend and adviser,

Jeffrey J Ball


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