How to have a Better Life –

Why Safety is so important!

During these times of Economic Failures,  people are getting more and more desperate to find faster and easier ways of getting cash whether it be from robbing a store, a bank, a carjacking or even robbing you. These are desperate times we live in. How do we then protect our homes, our cars, our families and ourselves? Calling 911 can help under certain circumstances but TIME isn’t always on your side. If someone is robbing your home how would you even know unless you were there?

Let’s say, you were there in your home at the time of the breakin, probably he, she or they were watching your home for awhile and figured out your daily patterns. He, she or they pre-planned exactly how and when to strike. They enter your home sometimes purposely knowing you’re there with intentions of doing you harm. VERY SCARY isnt it?

Just how do you defend yourself from this? Its simple!

  • By being prepared!
  • Getting educated and having something to defend yourself with
  • Possessing a can of Mace or Pepper Spray
  • Stun Guns or a TASER  are great for this too..
  • Owning a WEAPON of some sort
  • Knowing SELF DEFENSE

Personal Safety is all our responsibility!

Especially when it comes to the unknown. Having the right products in your possession and placing them around your home in strategic locations is CRUCIAL! Never underestimate a burglar and tell yourself

“that will never happen to me”

Of course it can and will if you’re not prepared!

Through the years, people have told me so many horrible stories that happened to them, sad for them unfortunately being prepared ahead of time, could have changed the whole outcome.

I would say to them-

  • “Why weren’t you prepared beforehand?”
  • “Why did it take a disaster for you to get prepared”?
  • “You did buy some Mace or Pepper spray after that right”?
  • “Maybe a Stun Gun or Taser”?

Most of the time they tell me they have no idea where to buy those products. I’m not surprised since really these products aren’t on shelves at our local grocers.

I tell them, I can help with that

I will tell you exactly how to buy those products and where. Just go to and I will gladly guide you to the right source to get whatever you need. I can direct you to the one stop shopping that has it all!!  I’m here to help! These products are just a mouse click away!

These people were very lucky to be alive in some cases! I’ve personally heard stories of people getting stabbed or choked, not just women either, men also have been brutally beaten to inches of their lives. If they just had any of the following:

  • a can of MACE or PEPPER SPRAY
  • SELF DEFENSE lessons and a WEAPON of some sorts ( I have access to many VIDEOS on SELF DEFENSE lessons, just do a search for SELF DEFENSE VIDEOS in the SEARCH box)
  • Confidence in themselves

the attacker or thief would be incarcerated today, I’m sure of that instead of roaming free to strike again!

I don’t know about you but I can’t stand by and see people get hurt anymore if they don’t have to be. This is why I started this Website, so I can help people get the right products in their hands and STOP these vicious attacks from occurring!!

Example of a MACE SPRAY used effectively against an attacker!

Being Prepared is Crucial to your life!

It’s also just as important to have some kind of a SECURITY SYSTEM with cameras around your home, There are many easy to install systems both wired and wireless that needs on the market today for very reasonable prices. I can help you there.

A security camera can be as simple as a device installed that replaces your doorbell, one that is really popular is the Video DOORBELL that has day and nite vision, when a person approaches your doorbell, the motion sensor sends data to your internet which in turn sends an alarm to your phone or laptop notifying you of a person at your doorstep. You can choose to talk to them from your phone no matter where you are. An APP on your phone does it all! VERY COOL!!

I will touch on SECURITY on many Post’s here on .. For now,  I’m talking strictly about SAFETY and SPECIAL FEAR RELATED PRODUCTS to help you. can help with all your needs!

There are all kinds of FEARS in life I am going to help you be rid of them for good!

This is why I created a Website to solve many of the FEARS we face in life today!  I want to help you STOP your FEARS and overcome them!

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There are MANY  FEARS to help you overcome!

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As I stated many times I feel it’s very important for everyone to feel free from FEAR!! All it takes is for you to prepare yourself, doesn’t matter if you’re a man or woman, we all are vulnerable to our FEARS!

One way to have a better life is to tell others about how to acquire SAFETY and PERSONAL products that help stop these fears such as I’ve listed above.

also, they too can be on the path to having a better life like yourself, that way you’re telling them you love them and care about their safety and mental well being as well. There’s nothing wrong with telling others about the solutions I have , not when it can save their life!! GO VIRAL and TELL EVERYONE YOU KNOW!

Help me spread the word and lets get everyone protected and feeling better about themselves!

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