SELF DEFENSE is comprised of personal training from classrooms or video training, items to carry on you at all times for your personal protection, and the knowledge of how to use these products and training on an attacker!


  • In today’s world its very important to be trained in self defense by means of physical training or visual training such as DVD’s and practice what you have learned.  You must practice to get skilled. To be knowledgeable in self defense is a confidence builder and will give you a feeling your not so helpless in today’s horrible world of crazy people! I have heard many horror stories through the years and people always tell me…. where was MACE when I needed it? I have no idea how or where to buy it! Now they and you have to go to and find it all! Just click on the  Buttons  in my POSTS.


  • To know how to use items such as MACE and PEPPER SPRAYS is very important. Another great deterrent for an attacker is the STUN GUN. There are many different kinds on the market and I can point you to the best on the market today. Just click on my   Buttons  below to take you to a safe and secure site where you can browse through many products that CAN and WILL save your life! After browsing be sure to come back by clicking your BACK ARROW on your Browser. Theirs a lot of GREAT information for you!


  • Come back to as often as possible to research and find more products to help you cope with your particular FEARS.


  • The following LIST are the items that you can and NEED to purchase for your own protection, these items should be carried at all times:

  • CLICK on the    Buttons  below to take you to your selected Item. Click your BACK ARROW on your browser to return here to this website.



PEPPER SPRAYS                             




STUN GUNS, TASERS                    


DVD’s on SELF DEFENSE             

GADGETS of all types                   


  • I am writing reviews and POSTS that will keep you up to date on all the most current products. Its important to own these items so FEAR doesn’t have to live in your heart and minds. CLICK on the     Buttons and protect yourself today!


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Thank-you your friend and adviser,

Jeffrey J Ball

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