Home security and Surveillance is the protection of personal property, yourself, your family and the surrounding areas of your home.


  • Do not take Home security lightly!! Even a simple doorbell video camera system can save your life! Cameras are a way of the future for your protection


  • A MUST for all Homes on the outside and also inside your home. Nanny cams, mini cams, animal cams and object cams can be placed everywhere in your home for a full video recording and live view on your PC, Laptop or Phone.


  • Take a look at the HUGE inventory of products available today with very easy to follow instructions how to install and operate these systems within a few hours of your time.
    Not much to ask for PEACE OF MIND! I personally have many cameras around my home. I have a Doorbell video camera too.. Its great when you’re not home also, it has Full HD video of who’s at your door when they trigger the infrared camera and motion sensor, and most importantly, what they’re doing their. The system has two way talking from your phone, laptop, or phone from a downloaded APP.. Very easy to install.



  • This is just a small example of the products your in store for from my one stop shopping site.


  • Take a look at all the different Camera Systems available, just click on my links and you’re there!! Browse through all the wireless and wired systems available to you. I urge you to PROTECT yourself, your home, your valuables and your loved ones today! Don’t let FEAR get in your way any longer!!


  • The following list is comprised of the SURVEILLANCE items you can review and purchase by CLICKING on the buttons below…


           SECURITY CAMERAS             


          BABY MONITORS                    

          VIDEO RECORDERS                

          DOORBELL CAMERAS            

           MINI CAMERAS                       

           NANNY CAMERAS                   

            FAKE OBJECT CAMERAS         

            CCTV SECURITY SYSTEMS     


  • Please browse these items and protect yourself and your loved ones today! Tomorrow holds the unknown and to be prepared for the unknown is the key to PEACE OF MIND! I know, I own many of these products myself. I wouldn’t be caught without them keeping me a lot safer than with nothing at all. is here to help you!


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Thank-you your friend and adviser,
Jeffrey J Ball                  

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