What is a Secure Life – Protecting Ourselves, our Families and our Personal Property

SECURITY is so Important!

I can’t stress enough just how IMPORTANT it is to make your Home safe from intrusions and burglaries by some means of a SECURITY SYSTEM! According to the FBI, a burglary occurs in the United States every 20 seconds. The majority of home burglaries occur during the daytime when most people are away at work, and an overwhelming majority of burglaries occur at night. Some burglaries occur while people are at home and what a surprise that is! Burglars are desperate and will not be stopped unless you have some type of deterrent in place.

Burglaries are committed most often by young males under 30 looking for items of value, like cash, jewelry, guns, watches and small electronics like laptop computers and Tv ‘s. Although burglaries may seem random in occurrence, they actually involve a well-thought-out plan. Most burglars have stated they avoid homes and businesses that make entry difficult by means of a SECURITY SYSTEM or some type of deterrent that scares them off. Most Security systems have a way of recording the event, by cameras and a means of contacting the police when your not present or hiding out in a closet or bathroom. Whether it’s your home or Business a SECURITY SYSTEM is a MUST HAVE!



Some people don’t feel the need for a security system at all, their idea of security is a Dog roaming around or nothing at all. Again the thought their is my dog will tear them up. WRONG! Your dog can be easily drugged with a hot dog or meat laced with some type of knock out drug. Then its sleepy time in 10 minutes. The burglar can have access wherever he wants. GREAT SECURITY, WRONG!! My dog will greet you at the door and wanna play and he’s a pit bull. I could never rely on him for my security!

Today SECURITY SYSTEMS range from a system that’s 24 hour monitored by an outside company, has a DVR (Digital Video Recorder), uses many cameras both inside and out of your home to catch all angles and views. These systems are more expensive due to the monthly monitoring fees, yet if you can afford this system its great! I recommend the Wireless systems myself due to the cost and you have full control of the system and its functions.

A more simplified system that has a recorder, (DVR) Digital Video Recorder, multiple day and nite vision black and white or color cameras either wireless or hard-wired to the DVR directly. The hardwired system is more difficult to install due to the wires have to go from the main brain,(DVR) set up in one location to each independent camera. This requires running cable a long way sometimes. Each camera has a power source (120 volts or a low volt transformer,5 to12 volts DC). The best system has High Definition, Nite and Day cameras.

A wireless system requires an internet connection to a MODEM and uses a WI FI signal to transmit the image to your phones APP so you can view LIVE what’s happening now in your home or to a Recorder for you to view later.

Many people love the Wireless Camera!

Many people love the Wireless camera to watch babysitters, their children or a Nanny if you have one. Lots of Bad things go on with sitters and Nanny’s these days. It’s a wise investment to get a spy camera like this. The camera is undetected because it is disguised as a soda can, a stuffed animal, a clock or many items you can choose from that has the camera placed inside it already. You can even buy your own very small spy camera the size of a pin and place it inside whatever you wish. It’s very affordable and a must HAVE PRODUCT for your home so you can monitor the safety of your children, dogs, cats whatever is valuable to you. There is a Monitor Camera for your pets so you can talk to them during the day from your phone so they won’t feel so alone. VERY COOL!


I can direct you to all these different types of SECURITY SYSTEMS and cool CAMERAS within my website!

I have many Posts dedicated to SECURITY SYSTEMS and CAMERAS in the MAIN MENU SECTION of this website. For now this is just an overview of the topic- “SECURITY” and all its facets.

SECURITY products comes in all shapes and sizes!

Today Security products range from whistles to personal electronic sirens to wireless gate sensors and glass breakage window sensors etc. All the devices are very affordable and easy to carry or install yourself!! Wireless devices have changed the SECURITY world from clunky old large bulky cameras and sensors to very small and easy to hide electronic devices and cameras. They are very High Tech but easy to operate. No Manuals required, just a bit of time and before you know it you have a working SECURITY SYSTEM for your home or Business.

There are just too many products to list for you on this page. I have many POSTS in the MENUS CATEGORIES that covers all types of SECURITY SYSTEMS and PERSONAL SECURITY products that will do the job in keeping you safe including your home, family and pets too. I can’t stress upon you how important security is to protect our property and loved ones! Just like carrying a can of MACE it’s just as important to carry a personal siren on yourself or many of the products that can ward off an attacker!! I covered this on my HOME page (How to have a better life- Safety always comes first!

Check out my MAIN MENU for SAFETY and SECURITY products.

Flashlights, Security Lights, Safes, Key Hiders are just some of the products you can get access to here at www.stoppfear.com. I have access to thousands of products for you to pick and choose from all in a one stop shopping site I can guide you to.


I wanted to create an easy to navigate Website so anyone can find exactly what interests them. I have spent countless hours writing information to keep you the general public up to date on the latest and most inexpensive means to acquiring SAFETY and SECURITY products today at affordable prices. My job is to point you in the right direction and see that everyone young and old is SAFE from FEAR!!


A Secure life is not worrying about the unknown, not having to always wonder what’s around the corner and am I safe? A Secure life is feeling reassured that your home, family and loved ones are safe from predators, attackers, and thieves. A secure life is not just financially secure but mentally secure as well. Its knowing you can leave your home in the morning and not worry about a break in or someone gets hurt. Its not worrying about your Business getting broken into and boom your life is upside down. Its having peace of mind from worries. Don’t you have enough to worry about? Its knowing you can be at home and you have the right products placed in strategic places around your home in the event someone enters your home without being invited. You can respond to the situation with confidence. You can teach your family what to do in an emergency.

You can get yourself prepared for any disaster if you act now and don’t hesitate, you may just put it off. SAFETY and SECURITY is so important for your life to run smoothly! Maybe you think it won’t happen to you, guess again statistics show it can very easily!!

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